Embark on a boat trip on the Tejo River… and enjoy the beautiful and unparalleled scenery over the river and the “Lezíria do Ribatejo”.
Guided visit to the Avieiras villages: Palhota and Escaroupim, with visit to the Avieiro do Escaroupim Museum Center.

Program Duration: 2h30
Morning: Departure at 10:30 am
Afternoon: Departure at 16h00

* Boarding at Valada do Ribatejo
* Minimum of 5 people
* Possibility of lunch at Quinta da Marchanta – not included in the tour price


(special for schools)

Boat trip on the Tejo River departing from Valada do Ribatejo.
Bird watching on the river, passing through “Ilha das Graças” (“Herons’ Island”) and “Barreira das Andorinhas” (“The Barrier of Swallows”).
Disembark at Avieira do Escaroupim village with a guided tour of the Avieiro Museum and Casa do Avieiro Museum.
Picnic lunch (not included) at the Picada Park in Valada do Ribatejo.

Boarding and arrival: Valada do Ribatejo

Program Duration: 04h00
Starts: 10:30 am
End: 15h00

* Minimum of 18 children


Come by train and embark on a cruise through the beauty of Ribatejo.
Embark on a river cruise, in an area marked by Avieira culture and the scenic beauty of Ribatejo.
Enjoy an amazing landscape setting. Unique vegetation, Portuguese Lusitano horses, white herons, cormorants, woodcock, kingfisher and fishing eagles.
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See here the route of Avieiros in the Tejo River, made by Ambassador CP Catarina Tagaio.


CP Schools Program

One day program, on the Lisbon Oriente / Reguengo route and back, departing at 9h53 and return at 16h32.

09h53 – Regional Departure from Lisbon Oriente by train;
10h36 – Reception at Reguengo station and transfer to Valada do Ribatejo;
11h30 – Tour on the Tejo River: Bird watching on the river;

  • “Ilha das Graças” (“Herons’ Island”) – where these birds nest in spring;
  • “Barreira das Andorinhas” (“The Barrier of Swallows”) and observation of kite, osprey, bee-eaters and other species.
  • Guided visit to the village of Escaroupim and the Avieiro Museum.

12:30 pm – Stop for lunch (lunch not included) at “Mouchão dos Cavalos” (fluvial islet higher than the flatlands around it where horses roam);
1:30 pm – Didactic games on the island (traditional games);
2:30 pm – Boarding to return to Valada;
15h00 – Arrival in Valada (activities to be managed with the school group);
15H50 – Transfer to Reguengo’s station;
16h32 – Departure by Regional train back to Lisbon.

Note: Return time may be adjusted depending on the needs of the group.


Embark on Valada do Ribatejo for a boat trip on the Tejo River for an unparalleled experience: bird watching along the river.
Passing through “Ilha das Graças” (“Herons’ Island”) and “Barreira das Andorinhas” (“The Barrier of Swallows”).

Duration of the Boat Program: 2h00
Departure: 17h00
Arrival: 19h00

*Minimum of 4 people


Equestrian Demonstration of the Lusitano Horse at Quinta da Marchanta with a glass of “Porto de Honra” (Wine of the Region).

11h30: Arrival at the farm and equestrian demonstration
13h00: Lunch at Quinta da Marchanta
15h00: Boarding for a boat trip on the Tejo River to observe the horses in the “mouchões” (fluvial islet higher than the flatlands around it)
17h00: End of the tour

NOTE: Lunch is not included in the price of € 45 per person.

* Minimum of 10 people


Arrival at Adega Fiuza in Almeirim for a guided tour with wine tasting.
Boat trip on the Tejo River.

10:30 am: Arrival in Almeirim for a guided tour of the winery and one for wine tasting;
13h00: Lunch at Quinta da Marchanta
15h00: Boarding for a boat trip on the Tejo River
17h00: End of the tour

* Minimum of 10 people


We organize team bulding actions for your company, as well as product or service presentation events.
Our team bulding department develops activities that promote team spirit and unity between co-workers, partners or clients, always in the same area of expertise of the Ollem Turismo: the river, nature and its surroundings. Our activities fall under the same objective: to involve the participants with Ribatejo and its flatlands.

* Minimum 20 people


Guided walking tours through the city of Santarém.

Program Duration: 2h30
Starts: mornings at 10:30 am and afternoons at 4pm.

* Beginning at the seminar square – Santarém
* From Tuesday to Sunday